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Is your recruitment company treating u fair?

Part 1

I’ve never thought of taking this subject head on…..though i feel the need to get other people’s oppions and also share my journey with recruitment agencies……maybe we can find a way to iron out some of the creases..

As u all know job hunting is extremely difficult so we make use of recruitment agencies.

There are Pros and Cons as to working for an agency but the there are cons…..

Let’s  first address the elephant in the room and start with the cons.

Due to the company i worked for, for 10 years or so, i was forced to knock on recruitment agencies doors and boy was that hard to simply get an interview or even getting the consultant to call you back.

I got to one stage that a certain agency that only wanted to use me for one day job here and there but with minimum wage,needless to say i didn’t  accept these offers. Once permanent offers became available i contacted the consultant but she never took my calls and nor did she respond to my emails.

Or another emotional outbreak moment is, after u have been for an interview and they ALWAYS say they will call u back but almost two months down the line and no word……and the cherry on the cake is when u phone them, they simply don’t answer your calls.

I also did a 3 month temp assignment and i got a contract for a year and boy wasn’t that funny, because i picked up all the mistakes and since I’m morally inclined to do the right thing i notified them, other people would’ve said contract is signed and sealed ….what about the fact that on so many occasions i had to ensure the company pays the recruitment agency? Having seen what they charge the client almost as much as they pay me.

I think the worst part is when they don’t pay u on time, due to who knows what reasons.

Life us hard out there…..keep in touch more on the recruitment industry tomorrow.



About Alice in Wonderland

I'm not one for narrow minded conversation, i'v been taught valuable lessons during my journey and I'm proud to say i am still learning.....it's part if life.........love life and never look back in anger..


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