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I'm not one for narrow minded conversation, i'v been taught valuable lessons during my journey and I'm proud to say i am still learning.....it's part if life.........love life and never look back in anger..
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Applying for jobs….a nightmare

Having to apply for jobs the whole year round and getting no call backs, wwould you say it’s a lack of professionalism or is it simply due to the companies/employers not having the time tp make a call to say urmmmm sorry you didn’t get the job.. Next i will give some awesome interview tips. … Continue reading

Is your recruitment company treating u fair?

Part 1 I’ve never thought of taking this subject head on…..though i feel the need to get other people’s oppions and also share my journey with recruitment agencies……maybe we can find a way to iron out some of the creases.. As u all know job hunting is extremely difficult so we make use of recruitment … Continue reading